"about me" thing let’s do this shit

((doing this because it looks like a good idea, i’ll make a permalink for it somewhere on my page because sometimes you forget who the people you’re following are, especially with how people love changing their URLs and icons (no plans on changing my URL ever though, so don’t worry. format for this is all over here if y’all wanna do it too!))

((also casually swapping out for a more recent picture. 12/21/12 apocalypse prep go.))


Name: kelly

Age: 22

Location: i’m from northern nj but i’m in college up in rochester, ny most of the year

Occupation: student, currently majoring in woodworking and furniture design

Stuff I Do: draw (tag, and my deviantart) and cosplay (tag) mostly! i like crafting stuff a lot especially :>

Where You Possibly Know Me From: cosplaying at various cons on the east coast mostly (animeNEXT and otakon are my definite yearly ones), and then i guess a bunch of people follow me for god knows what other reasons

Stuff I Like: homestuck, percy jackson, avengers, kyo kara maoh, toward the terra, persona 3 and 4, evangelion, final fantasy (12 and 13 especially), gurren lagann, code geass, RotG, runaways, young avengers, artemis fowl, .hack, doctor who, game of thrones, tons of other various games/anime/books/etc.

Everything Else: i’m into woodworking. i play dungeons and dragons on the weekends. i blog about lots of things. i like driving around nj with my friend maddi playing loud music. i go zombie hunting twice a year. god idek.