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okay if we’re doing the whole “one of them is physically disabled” jasico au then someone give me deaf!jason

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More Blind!Nico AU uwu

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Artemis sketched out the design himself

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forever crying over the parallels between clarisse/silena and achilles/patroclus

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i’ve seen many strange posters on campus before but i think this one just took the prize

i’ve seen many strange posters on campus before but i think this one just took the prize

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“Well, that was interesting,” Leo grinned as Jason sat down on the floor again. “I really wouldn’t have thought he was your type, but he’s got you so whipped and doesn’t seem to realize it.”

“Shut up,” Jason muttered. “I really like him, okay?”

“I could tell. You couldn’t keep your hands off him,” Leo said, rolling his eyes. “Dude, I’ve never seen you like this. You’re in too deep.”

“I know,” Jason sighed.

Betsib wrote another amazing Jasico fic and y’all should read it like…now.

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jesus christ who did the thing

jesus christ who did the thing

You're a very cute person. I thought you deserved to know.


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Your face is hella cute


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well that was probably the most surreal mission night i’ve ever experienced
hordes of humans hanging around outside and chasing after whatever zombies we saw just to have something to do???

well that was probably the most surreal mission night i’ve ever experienced

hordes of humans hanging around outside and chasing after whatever zombies we saw just to have something to do???

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When it comes to JASICO i'm all about jason and Nico helping each other out with their respective issues and being friends AND THEN something else. Preferably after Nico grows up, like at least two more years :) what do you think?


Yes, yes, THIS, this is basically the only way I ship it outside of aus.   With the way I see Nico I just don’t think having a boyfriend would be good for him at the moment.  He hates himself because of who he is, and from my experience (though it’s admittedly limited) other people can’t make you stop hating yourself.  It’s a decision you have to make on your own.  Yeah, people can support you, and help you work through your issues, but in the end it’s only you who can really fix them.  

It’s unrealistic to think that being in a romantic relationship will make Nico instantly accept his sexuality, which seems to be a common theme in some fics.  Real life doesn’t work that way.  Having a super hot boyfriend who loves you does not make you okay with being queer.  People bring their fears and insecurities into relationships with them. Nico is at a super low point right now, and, at least for me, coming to terms with yourself is long process.  Nobody can force it.  It’s a slow process that can be one step forward and two steps back at times.  

Plus, Nico is really young and I don’t feel like he’s the type to instantly want to jump into romantic relationships.  He’d have to know that person for a long time and feel really comfortable around them to work up to an intimate relationship.  I feel like jasico would start with just years of Jason being there if Nico needed to talk, and slowly they build up mutual respect and intimacy that eventually evolves into something romantic.

Also, Jason right now is really happy with Piper.  They’re basically in the honeymoon stage of their relationship.  He loves her a lot, and it’s silly to think these feelings will go away instantly because of Nico.  A major pet peeve of mine is to make up a random, unrealistic excuse to eliminate the female love interest in the way of a gay ship.   Piper is awesome and she’s a great girlfriend.  I imagine she and Jason will be that one couple in high school that is super in love for a while, but gradually grow apart as they mature.   Eventually, they’ll realize their feelings aren’t really romantic anymore and instead decide to be friends, but that also takes a while. Jason and Piper’s friendship is literally the cutest. 

So, yes, I love Jasico but in canon it has to be in the future when they’re both emotionally ready for a relationship.

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mission time later losers

mission time later losers

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Hi, in your comic about the PJO boys and snap chatting, who took the selfie in the 'hanging out with the boys'? because the blonde hair and scar makes it look like Luke?


it is indeed luke. as the comment there says, the rp i’m in has a really strange assortment of pjo characters.

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